How To Use Facebook For Branding Purposes

How To Use Facebook For Branding Purposes

Whether you’re a high flying millionaire, an artist, a community person or a leader, Facebook offers a very useful platform for branding yourself among your audience. This platform is none other than the function called Facebook Fan pages.

If you scour Facebook you’ll pretty much bump into all sorts of Facebook fan pages catered to artists, local businesses and organisations. Here’s how you can start up your own Fan page for branding purposes:

Starting a Facebook Fan Page is free of charge. Simply scroll to the bottom of Facebook and select “Create A Page”. Once you’ve set up a page, enter in all the details pertaining to yourself or the figure you wish to brand. Make sure it is congruent yourself as not to confuse others. If you have a local business, set up a local business page and put in stuff such as contact information, maps, or post photos of your business logo.

Once you’ve set up your page, kindly invite your fans and existing customers to join you there. From there you can post updates, share interesting news or talk about your daily life if you wish to share it with your fans and followers.

Get them to interact with you and know you at a more personal level. Get existing customers to post testimonials or reviews of products of you have. These will serve as amazing social proof for others who wish to buy your products.

You can also organise competitions to create hype and get your followers involved. Get the news out to your followers using your Fan page and you’ll be swimming with new leads in no time.

Remember, if you wish to successfully brand yourself, you’ll have to connect with your followers at a personal level and show that you too, are like them.