ProfitClicking Member Update

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We are receiving some inquiries from
members as to whether all system’s checks
following the ProfitShift have been
completed. Although we are doing
everything possible to speed the process,
it is critical that we ensure the accuracy
of our checks. PC’s growth has been
explosive – while this is wonderful for
members – from the perspective of our tech
department it increases the time needed to
ensure accuracy of all systems. Rest
assured the moment all system checks are
complete we will be providing a members
update to inform members.

Don’t forget to join us next week when the
doors of “Abby’s OPEN HOUSE” open to our
members. Abby’s is a totally unique
experience for new members. They will find
a warm welcome complete with personal
attention provided by it’s hosts who will
help address all new member questions.
This ensures that when you share the
Profit Clicking message your new referrals
will receive all they need to make them
successful. Building your profitable
business has never been this easy!

2013 promises to be truly exciting with
many new changes and improvements we can’t
share quite yet! Stay tuned – there will
be many releases in the coming weeks.
Remember, don’t miss out on the power
growth that the 3% opportunity offers –
you have 2 days. Dec 25th closes the door
on the 3% “Profit Explosion.”

We want to thank you for your ongoing
support – you will find yourself richly
rewarded in the coming weeks and months.

Working for our wealth and success always