How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Facebook

How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Facebook
Facebook has taken the world by storm, becoming the number one activity on the internet surpassing email (2010 statistic) and being the 3rd largest in population if it were a country.
What does this mean? This means that the potential for growing your business virally is astounding. Facebook is a social networking website so that means people can share things they like (such as businesses) with ease.
So how do you grow your business virally? Well, there’s this thing called Facebook Fan Pages. With Fan pages, local businesses can make local business pages on Facebook and allow their customers or fans to connect with them. This is done by getting them to “like” your page.
On your fan page, you can share all sorts of stuff such as latest news and updates, questions, surveys, contact information, and the best part is you can interact with your customers easily.
The viral magic comes in when your fans post something on the wall of the Fan page, or just the simple act of “liking” your page will allow their updates to appear on their personal news feeds.
When their friends see it, they would go and check it out as well and if they like the stuff, they can become fans too. When more and more fans “like” your page, your business exposure starts to increase exponentially.
Furthermore, since the whole thing is happening on Facebook, people can share stuff easily and thus, making your business grow virally with ease. Remember, in the end of the day, good stuff gets shared easily so focus on building your business brand to make people more likely to share your stuff. Tap into the power of viral marketing to grow your business presence online today!