Email Marketing Tips: 8 Tips for Email Marketing Beginners

Brand new to email marketing and need some tips to get you you

Tip 1: Always use an opt in form. Don’t ever put anyone on your
list who doesn’t want to be there. You could be prosecuted.

Tip 2: Keep your list on topic. If you promised information on
salt water fish, keep it to salt water fish. Branching out to
fresh water fish sometimes is fine. Posting information on dogs is
probably not.

Tip 3: Ask your subscribers for feedback. Keep your list active
and dynamic by finding out exactly what it is your subscribers are
expecting and wanting from you. Answer their emails. Direct
questions to them.

Tip 4: Write in the first person. Be yourself. Send out emails
that are personal – that convey who you are and what your opinion
is. Flowery, third person magazine-speak belongs only in
magazines. Fancy, sterile newspaper article belong only in

You are writing this email because you have something to say.
Say it like only you can. Some of your subscribers may not like it.
that can’t be helped.

Tip 5: Give personal tips. Give insider information. Make your
list subscribers feel like you know what you are talking about and
it is worth it for them to read your messages.

Tip 6: Clean up your list every once in a while. You are paying to
hold those emails. If the person who signed up gave you a fake
email, or if they haven’t looked at your stuff in over a year –
flush the email address. Then you won’t have to pay for it for
something useless to you.

Tip 7: Delete unsubscribed email addresses once a month or so. Did
you know that some email service providers hold on to the email
addresses even after the user unsubscribes? and that you pay money
for this practice? Be sure to get them out of your database.

Tip 8: Use a trustworthy email service provider. Ensure they
adhere to best email marketing practices and can let you know when
your messages may be considered spam. Aweber is a good one.

Implementing these 8 email marketing tips will help you build a
thriving email list that can propel your business forward this year!